J. P. SONG Scholarship

J. P. SONG Scholarship in UT

In September 2015, the University of Toronto established “J. P. SONG Scholarship for Excellence in ESL Learning” following the name of the president of Global Education, Jiping Song (J. P. SONG), aiming to encourage Asian students to enhance their language skills and improve their academic performance.


  1. Asian students from countries and regions including (not limited to China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.)

  2. Admitted to the University of Toronto St. George Campus

  3. Outstanding high school scores and language scores

  4. Global education students have priority nomination opportunities

Documents Required

  1. Scholarship Application Form(click to download the form)

  2. IELTS Test Report Form

  3. Admission Notice of University of Toronto St. George Campus

  4. Portrait Photo

About  J. P. SONG

  • Chairman/President of Canada Global Education Group

  • Executive Director of Canada Global Education Academy

  • Principal of Toronto Global Education Language Institute

  • Founder of Canada Global Online Education

  • Director of Canadian International Education Development Center

  • Chairman of Canada Global Love Education Foundation

  • Honorary President of the Canadian Chinese Students Association

Mr. Song Jiping has been committed to the cause of international education exchanges between China and Canada for more than 20 years. He is one of the first senior education experts to provide self-funded study abroad services for Chinese students in Canada and has successfully helped more than ten thousands of Chinese students study in Canada.