Undergraduate Studies

Global Education provides local and international high school students/graduates who want to apply for a prestigious Canadian Universities with reliable application services.

We provide services as follows:

1. One-stop Tutorial

Our programs help you craft winning strategies and provide professional consultation services with our team of experts. Through detailed, individualized and comprehensive guidance, as well as high-level strategic planning, we get to know your individual strengths, weaknesses, perspectives, personality, and goals. We help maximize your competitive stature, so that your application is differentiated from the thousands of others that schools receive and you stand out in the admissions process.


2. Diverse Services

Application for World-renowned Summer Schools

Application Mentorship

Top Universities Campus Tours

Free Education Seminars

Extra-curricular Activities


Our Highlight

Professional Team

Personal Mentorship

Designated Application Plan

Extra-curricular Activities Planning

Advanced Resources Center

Prospective Students:

Grade 7- Grade 12 Students who aim at Top Universities and demand support from a professional team