Secondary School

Global Education provides students who want to apply for a top private secondary school in North America with at least one-year preparation services. The best time to apply for a secondary school is from September to December each year. It is advisable to join us as early as possible.


We work one-on-one with each client to provide professional advice and strategies on the top private school admissions process. Our consulting services will guide parents through the entire admissions process, from preparing the application, to coaching for interviews and designing an overall presentation of the student to the admissions committees. With the expertise of Global Education Consultant Team, we will maximize your chances of gaining admission to the school of your choice.

Prospective Students:

K-12 Students who incline to apply for the top private Schools

We provide services as follows

Application Preparation

School Selection

Extra-curricular Activities Planning

Application Strategies

Interview Training

Essay Training

SSAT and TOEFL Jr. Preparation

Guide through the Application Process


Factors in Finding the Right Fit:

1. School Type:

Boarding School

Day School

2. Curricular System




3. Gender

Single-gender Education

Mixed-gender Education

4. Language


English-French Bilingual



Our Highlight

Professional Team

Personal Mentorship

Designated Application Plan

Extra-curricular Activities Planning

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