English for Academic Purpose(EAP)

*EAP Courses are provided by Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg campus

What is EAP Pathway Program

The aim of the EAP module is to provide students with the English language and academic skills required by Canadian university programs. Successful completion of the Global Education EAP program allows direct entry to partner colleges or universities without IELTS or TOEFL.

The EAP Pathway Program is for you if:

  • You have finished high school and want to enroll in an   undergraduate program (diploma or Bachelor’s degree) at a Canadian university or college

  • You have graduated from university and are planning    to enroll in a postgraduate program (Master’s degree  or postgraduate certification)

  • You want to be prepared for Canada’s challenging  higher education standards and succeed

Who is eligible for our Pathway Program
What is a direct transfer
  • Global Education (GE) students have a big advantage    because of GE’s articulation transfer agreements with  Canadian universities and colleges

  • GE’s Academic Pathway specialists will apply on students’ behalf

  • Students will not need to take IELTS / TOEFL upon successful completion of the Pathway program

Course names


  •   Academic listening focusing on lectures and seminars

  •   Academic speaking & presentation skills

  •   Academic reading & critical thinking skills

  •   Academic essay writing

Assessment Structure

In order to pass the course, students must:

  1. Attend at least 90% of the classes.

  2. Achieve an average score of 75% in the final exam with no less than 70% in writing or speaking


The academic assessment includes:

  • one mid-term exam- writing test, speaking test, reading test, and listening test. 

  • one final exam - writing test, speaking test, reading test, and listening test.

  • two essays

  • one presentation

Admission Criteria

There are two levels in the EAP program, 8 weeks for each level, 25 hours of classes per week.

All coming students are required to complete the placement test in order to be placed into the appropriate ESL or EAP level.

There are three ways to get admitted into EAP program:

  • Direct Admission: IELTS 5.5

  • EAP Entry Admission Test Students wishing to enter EAP         directly must take the EAP admission test. The test consists of multiple comprehension questions and essay writing. students must achieve 75% or higher overall for direct entry into EAP.

  • EAP Preparation (ESL 1-4)

  • The grading for ESL 1-4 is derived from the cumulative grade of all class assignments, including tests, writing assignments, presentations, participations and attendance. Students must achieve 75% or higher in their cumulative grade in order to advance into EAP.

EAP partner

Lakehead University ON, Canada

Lakehead University ON, Canada

EAP partner

Brock University ON, Canada

EAP partner

Algonquin College ON, Canada

EAP partner

Yorkville University ON, Canada

EAP partner

Laurentian University ON, Canada

EAP partner

Toronto Film School ON, Canada

EAP partner

Georgian College ON, Canada

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